PBT EU sponsors Intermedia 2019 Warsaw Conference

PBT EU sponsors Intermedia 2019 Warsaw Conference
PBT EU sponsors Intermedia 2019 Warsaw Conference


Profuz Digital and IABM-member, PBT EU, -  have confirmed their status as Gold Sponsors of the Intermedia 2019 Warsaw Conference. The conference will focus primarily on audiovisual translation and will take place at the University of Warsaw, in Poland.

Following on from the success of AVT events organised in Łódź and Poznań in previous years, Intermedia 2019 Warsaw marks the 5th international conference which will be co-ordinated by members of the Intermedia AVT Research Group. The European Association for Studies in Screen Translation, the Polish Association of Audiovisual Translators and Subtle, support the event.

SubtitleNEXT is a subtitling software lab, in a single compact application. It has been adopted by organisations and universities across the world, including the European School of Translation, Italy’s ITPros, Hellenic American College in Greece amongst others. SubtitleNEXT is also being used in series such as Big Little Lies Series 2 for HBO, Siren and Vikings at Europe’s largest production company Videohouse in Belgium.

Linguist specialist and CEO, PBT EU and Profuz Digital, Ivanka Vassileva, stated, “Some of the key topics threading across the 2-day conference, address current trends and challenges facing audio-visual translation (AVT) today. They include media accessibility services, audience reception, participatory access, experimental research, quality assessment, translator training, cloud solutions and the impact of technologies on AVT."

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