Creamsource debuts SpaceX Studio fixture at IBC2019

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Creamsource, a lighting technology company, will showcase the Creamsource SpaceX for the first time in Europe, on the Lights Camera Action (LCA) Stand at  IBC2019. This new approach to toplighting in an ergonomic and lightweight form factor — coupled with radical value — sets this product apart as the first true replacement for its traditional lighting counterparts.

SpaceX features six powerful LED engines, with 1200W of LED power providing an output equivalent to a 5K tungsten spacelight. With an optional optic set, SpaceX’s impressive output is boosted to nearly double intensity, while delivering a wide and very even beam.

SpaceX offers good colour rendition with a typical CRI of 95 from 3,200K to 6,500K, and full colour temperature adjustment from 2,200K to 15,000K, complete with a full stop of green/magenta control. Its compact, lightweight and ergonomic form factor includes an integrated power supply, a highly efficient and quiet active cooling system, and a Lumen Radio receiver as standard. SpaceX also features the same rugged build quality that users have come to expect from all Creamsource products and is equally at home as a spacelight or mounted on a stand for additional flexibility. Pricing starts at an extremely attractive €6,027/$6,500. A range of accessories is also available.

“SpaceX gives users exactly what they need in high-end LED in studio lighting,” said Tama Berkeljon, CEO, Creamsource. “With power and controllable colour packaged in a lighter and more user-friendly fixture, SpaceX is an enticing offering for productions where volume lighting is required. Best of all, to help keep costs down, SpaceX Is 45% less expensive to operate than the market average, due to better cost-per-watt ratio.”

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