Aaton and Transvideo to showcase innovation at IBC2019

Aaton Digital's intelligent wooden handle to be showcased at IBC2019
Aaton Digital's intelligent wooden handle to be showcased at IBC2019


New products from Aaton and Transvideo at IBC2019 will include:

Aaton Melody2, double input analogue audio preamplifier with low noise and extended bandwidth up to 100 KHz; digital output on AES42, and compatibility with the CantarX3 and CantarMini to extend the number of inputs. The form factor is compact despite the use of high quality audio transformers. The preamplifier settings are controlled remotely by the Cantar interface. Its compact form factor and low weight make it perfect to use on a boom.

Aaton firmware for CantarX3 and CantarMini recorders including digital gain and limiter for all digital inputs, also on the mixdown. The firmware includes several improvements and is the first step of a release which will be published at the end of the year.

Transvideo StarliteUltra advanced monitor with metadata collection and recording. The StarliteUltra is a platform including the benefits from the StarliteHD family including metadata collection and the recording features of the StarliteHDm. It also features camera remotes and is the most advanced product available in its category.

Transvideo StarliteHDm monitor data recorder with new integration of latest Fujinon zooms and Zeiss Supreme lenses. A redesign of the COOKE /I interface provides a full compatibility with the latest lenses. All static and dynamic metadata from camera and lenses are stored on an SD-card ready to use for VFX.

Transvideo firmware for the CineMonitorHD with advanced peaking and 6G input ready. A new input board is available to upgrade all CineMonitorHD 'Evo3' units.

Aaton intelligent wooden handle for cameras, including remote and advanced functions. Aaton Digital has recreated its original wooden camera handle. The original was made of heather root by an artisan in St Claude, the city renowned historically for the crafting of smokers’ pipes.

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