Interviewing Mark Davies, director - Products & Technology, TSL Products

Mark Davies, director - Products & Technology, TSL Products, talks about his learnings he took home from the NAB Show 2019
Mark Davies, director - Products & Technology, TSL Products
Mark Davies, director - Products & Technology, TSL Products


How was the experience at this year’s NAB Show?

Davies: NAB was a really exciting show for us at TSL Products. We announced our brand new SAM-Q audio monitoring platform, which represents a new approach to audio monitoring, allowing customers to determine how they wish to control and visualise their audio content based on application, environment or simple personal preference. Designed in direct response to customer requirements and feedback, SAM-Q provides a completely new user experience and signifies the next generation of TSL’s audio monitoring range. We also announced the acquisition of DNF Controls, a U.S.-based company offering a wide range of human-to- machine and machine-to-machine solutions for more than 27 years, at NAB. The joining together of these two companies provides the opportunity for TSL to expand its presence in the broadcast control systems market for customers worldwide, and to offer audio and power solutions locally to the Americas. TSL customers will benefit from DNF’s dedicated hardware control panel and integration capabilities, allowing them to add further functionality to their systems.

What was different, as compared to its previous versions?
This was the first year that we were located in the South Hall, so we had a new perspective on the show. We found the show floor itself to be very busy and filled with quality customer prospects. This
hall was a better fit for us, in terms of our product portfolio, especially with the trend towards IP workflows becoming more of a reality, and gaining traction versus it being more of a concept, as it was in previous years. We look forward to being in the South hall again for next year’s NAB show!

What is the latest wave of technology doing the rounds of the media industry?
We are seeing IP as still the main area of interest. Standards is always a hot topic as well, not just for signal transmission, but also control and registration using AMWA NMOS.

Which technologies did you see more of, at NAB Show 2019?
At this year’s NAB Show, we say a lot of buzz around AMWA NMOS and how it is applied to IP. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was also prevalent at the show, along with a lot of talk about possible uses of big data.

How do you, as a company, intend to keep pace with the ever-changing tech landscape?
At TSL Products, we continually keep our ear to the ground, in terms of being active members of leading industry organisations, such as SMPTE and AMWA. We also value customer feedback and their changing needs, which helps us stay at the forefront of evolving workflows and what kinds of features our customers are looking for. With IP workflows becoming more and more a reality, we continue to design products and solutions that support both traditional SDI and IP infrastructures to cater to both workflows.

Where do you see the industry heading in the next 2-3 years?
Over the next few years, we foresee that IP will move to mainstream for programme production. Also, not only is 4K gaining more traction, but 8K is also on the horizon. Object-based audio is also one to watch!

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