Badhaai Ho and Andhadhun win at second edition of Reel Movie Awards 2019

Gajraj Rao, winner of Best Actor for Badhaai Ho, at News18 Reel Awards 2019
Gajraj Rao, winner of Best Actor for Badhaai Ho, at News18 Reel Awards 2019


They say big things come in small packages and this saying couldn’t be true for the big winners at the’s Reel Movie Awards 2019. It rained awards for Badhaai Ho and Andhadhun, two films that were small on a budget, but high on content; each winning four and two awards respectively.

Badhaai Ho, which was a quirky tale of two middle-aged parents having a baby in their 50s, stole the show bagging four awards that included the coveted Best Film award. Gajraj Rao rightfully bagged the Best Actor award for his impeccable performance. Leaving her mark as a grandmother in the film, Surekha Sikri went on to win the Best Supporting Actor Female.

On receiving the award, Amit Sharma, director of Badhaai Ho,  said, “The cinema that was one considered as art films or content-driven films, all that is working well today and that change is indeed very good. There are a lot of stories in every corner of the country and I believe that these are stories meant to be told. Today, the public is more open and accepting to watch content-driven films, which is the reason why this kind of cinema is working today.”

Accepting the award, Sriram Raghavan, director of Andhadhun, said, “What we see today is that content-driven films are doing well in terms of box-office success as well as critical acclaim. This has been the major reason why producers are putting in faith and investment towards giving the audience such kind of cinema. Quality content is being recognised and I feel good about that.”

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