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BroadcastAsia, the continent’s leading ICT, broadcasting and digital multimedia industry event, continued to attract leading innovations and innovators in smart technology, says Vinita Bhatia. To set the stage …


BroadcastAsia, the continent’s leading ICT, broadcasting and digital multimedia industry event, continued to attract leading innovations and innovators in smart technology, says Vinita Bhatia.

To set the stage for BroadcastAsia2016, CommunicAsia2016 and EntepriseIT2016, Gerd Leonhard, Founder and CEO of The Futures Agency explained to attendees that the next 20 years are likely to bring more changes to humanity than the past 300 years. With colossal change upon us, this year’s event provided about 48,000 attendees from 102 countries and regions a platform to engage in meaningful dialogue around new and future solutions that governments and businesses can deploy for success in a digitally transformed world.

Talking about ‘Global Digital Transformation and the 10 ‘ations’ that will impact every business, Leonhard felt that digital transformation is bringing about an age of digital ‘ations’ that all beg the question: what will it mean to be human in a digitally transformed future? His ‘ations’ include: mobilisation, digitisation, screenification, disintermediation, automation, virtualisation and robotisation.

“We are seeing increasingly powerful combinations of man-machine convergence. The machine sits in the cloud and does all the work for you. This is something everyone in the telecom/IT value chain has to look at seriously,” Leonhard said. “The purpose of business isn’t efficiency – it is about making customers happy. All these algorithms and artificial intelligence have to be balanced by ethics. It is not a yes-or-no choice, but you need to find the balance between them,” he added.

Drones were a big hit at BroadcastAsia2016

Business and consumer expectation and consumption of mobility and connectivity have risen, with greater demand in quality and speed. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report that was released at the event, 5G subscription uptake was revealed to be faster than 4G, with a forecast for global 5G subscriptions to hit 150 million by the end of 2021.

In addition to insights shared, exhibitors at both CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia showcased many firsts and latest solutions on the back of today’s hyper-connectivity. New launches included Panasonic Toughbook CF-20, a rugged and detachable notebook, the first VR ready Dell precision workstations for enhanced experiences, MobiQuest’s air quality monitoring platform, iSense Air, Imagine Communications’ Ultra High Definition production tools and operational management platform, Ideal Systems’ new revenue-generating systems for broadcasting industry, amongst other products and solutions.

“In addition to the Singapore government’s recent announcement of new technology initiatives, we also saw numerous products and solutions launched at the event over four days. These innovative solutions ranged from data analytic tools and devices, smart systems, robotics, virtual reality and more. As our lives and businesses become more digitised, we as event organisers are more determined than ever to deliver high quality and relevant events, bringing new launches and the latest insights each year,” said Lindy Wee, Chief Executive of Singapore Exhibition Services.

The world of VR has quickly grown beyond media and entertainment, supported by the advancement of technology that allows for optimal VR experience, whether consuming or creating VR content. Dell claimed that it has been delivering immersive computing experience for many years and is committed in enabling VR partners across the entire ecosystem besides providing advanced hardware configuration.

People eager to check out the latest production equipment at BroadcastAsia2016

“BroadcastAsia provided the perfect opportunity to showcase how we can support the democratisation of VR for the masses in areas such as education, architecture, real estate, manufacturing, and advertising. We received very good feedback at our booth, and look forward to developing new partnerships in furthering the growth of VR in the APJ region,” said Harveenpal Singh, business development lead, Precision Workstation, Client Solutions, Dell APJ.

Similarly, Ideal Systems SEA was also impressed with the level of real demand for the next generation IP-based broadcast systems. “We had an immense response to the new systems we launched in Asia for the first time at BroadcastAsia. From revenue-generating systems like Paywizard and Starfish — right through to the revolutionary Electricfriends camera robotic system that we use to great effect with Vizrt in their augmented reality demos,” said Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems SEA.

Michael Tan, Founder and CEO of Zap Delivery added that his company participated in this year’s CommunicAsia to showcase its new e-commerce delivery platform with an objective to increase awareness and solicit leads and partnership opportunities. “Through the media attention and various tech tours, we were able to secure a few partnership opportunities in markets that we previously had no reach to. The exposure and returns were good and we will definitely be back next year!” he stated.

Rakesh Sabharwal, Founder, MobiQuest Solutions, a regular exhibitor, also shared, “MobiQuest has been participating in CommunicAsia for the past six years and exhibiting at CommunicAsia has been a complete pleasure. Every year, we look forward to launching our new products and services at CommunicAsia as it provides us the best platform given the right audience and superlative coverage. The event has opened doors for us to international business opportunities apart from increasing visibility of our products and services.”

GrassValley’s suite of solutions on display

The Post Production Hub at BroadcastAsia saw immense interest from visitors, drawing huge crowds daily to the booths and presentations. Visitors had the opportunity to hear from Oscar and Grammy nominated producers, award-winning film makers and sound and visual effects experts, with content ranging from modern filmmaking techniques and technologies, how Hollywood drama uses LED lighting, to the art of refining sounds bring scenes to life.

“The crowd at BroadcastAsia has been most encouraging, with overwhelming interest and support of my presentations and demonstrations at the Avid booth. I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel to Singapore to share my experiences and techniques with fellow sound enthusiasts. I hope the experiences I have shared might help fellow filmmakers and producers enhance the cinema experience for their audience,” said Dave Whitehead, Sound Designer, White Noise Ltd.

At CommunicAsia and EnterpriseIT, the inaugural Asia ICT Innovation Forum organised in strategic partnership with Huawei, also served as a knowledge-exchange platform. Attendees interacted with regional ministerial representatives, internationally renowned economists and global ICT industry thought leaders in their discussion of the impact of digital technology on the Asia Pacific Economy, the value of Big Data analytics, and more.

Commenting on the event, Joe Deng (Zhou Jianjun), Carrier Business President, Huawei Southern Pacific Region was strongly encouraged by the enthusiasm, meaningful exchanges, and potential collaborations resulting from the inaugural Asia ICT Innovation Forum. He believed that his company’s message of accelerating digital transformation through ICT innovation and ecosystem synergies  to deliver a better connected world was well received.

“We will continue to provide platforms for the meetings of minds and facilitate dialogues to create an open, collaborative, win-win ecosystem to advance the vision of a Better Connected World, which leads to progressive economic development, vertical productivity and efficiency, as well as sustainable and safe living. As a key enabler of the ICT industry, Huawei is committed to helping the telecom and vertical industries digitise their infrastructure, operational systems and business models to realise their business aspirations,” he stated.

CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia 2017 will be a three-day event held from 23-25 May. BroadcastAsia will move to Suntec City Convention Centre, while CommunicAsia and EnterpriseIT will remain at Marina Bay Sands.

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