Dalet Galaxy MAM powers Win Sports’ metadata evolution


Installation with enhanced metadata workflows increases productivity and provides operational visibility

Colombian sports channel, Win Sports, has selected the Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) platform to manage its entire program preparation, production and archive workflows. The new installation also includes the Dalet AmberFin media processing platform and Dalet Brio video servers to help migrate the company’s legacy content into the Dalet Galaxy media catalogue, providing an infrastructure that revitalizes control over the channel’s assets.

“Our starting point was to improve workflow efficiencies particularly around using archived material, but what we discovered working with Dalet, is a MAM that has shifted our whole perspective on the way we produce programs,” says William Albarracin, Director of Technology, Win Sports. “For example, with new metadata, our journalists or producers can now search and access the content themselves.”

He added that they can also ascertain rights information with better flexibility, speed and accuracy. “Our ability to manage the status of projects, for approval or review, is also heightened plus we can better optimize content in our library, by rejecting or permitting material, because we have full control over what goes in,” he added.

With the aim of improving workflow efficiencies and restoring archived tape assets to viability, Win Sports required a MAM implementation to support, facilitate and integrate its news, program production and archive workflows. A critical aspect of the company’s strategy was to search and retrieve archived content to enrich live broadcasts. Embedded Dalet MAM tools digitalize and capture archived assets and associated metadata into a centralized media repository, facilitating content access and re-purposing capabilities station-wide.

“Win Sports was looking for a media asset management platform to take the heavy lifting out of its transition to file-based workflows and we are proud that it has found the solution in partnership with Dalet,” said Julien Decaix, General Manager, Dalet Americas. “A project of this scale requires steep confidence with enterprise deployment, and Dalet has earned this type of experience over the past decade. Deployed in under four months, Dalet Galaxy MAM automated all the various workflows Win Sports needed in order to produce content and prepare programs in a growing number of formats while giving them a series of content management tools that will continue to refresh their production pipeline for many years.”

Dalet Galaxy seamlessly connects Avid Media Composer NLEs via the Dalet Xtend module, integrating content production. Dalet Galaxy also supports Win Sports’ production of promos and long form shows produced from its studios to broadcast content through cable networks.

Dalet Brio, which is managed by the Dalet Galaxy MAM, is used to digitize legacy content on Betacam, VHS tape and a variety of DVDs and to record additional incoming material from DVC Pro and other linear formats. Dalet WebSpace and Media Logger clients let staff add rich metadata to all incoming and newly digitized media, further improving the ability to search and repurpose content. The staff can also use Dalet clients to spot-check channel synchronization and audio volumes, ensuring content is being directed through the right channels.

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