Dalet brings AI, social media and hybrid workflows to BroadcastAsia2018

Broadcast Asia show


Dalet will showcase its Dalet Galaxy Five media asset management and workflow orchestration platform for the first time at the BroadcastAsia2018 show. “Our customers are looking for efficient ways to produce new forms of content, generated with efficient, AI-powered multi-platform productions and designed for cross-channel, complementary experiences that drive better engagement,” said César Camacho, general manager, Dalet Asia Pacific. “At BroadcastAsia2018, we will showcase how its Dalet Galaxy five platform is augmenting media operations with smart, orchestrated workflows, and enabling forward-thinking business models.”

Dalet Galaxy five delivers three key enhancements; the first enables broadcasters and media organisations to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the workflow, the second leverages hybrid infrastructures with on-premises and cloud deployments, the third puts social media at the core of the operations.

Powered by Dalet Media Cortex, the new Dalet Galaxy five AI framework connects, orchestrates and fine-tunes purpose-driven combinations of AI models, enabling media organisations to build intelligent workflows that assist users with recommendations, facilitate collaboration with smart matching, and use predictive analytics for better provisioning and automated decision-making. Dalet Content Discovery, the first application to leverage this new AI framework, uses data generated by cognitive services, combined with existing metadata, to build smart content recommendations for editorial and creative teams.

The Dalet Social Media framework enables newsrooms to treat social media as an integrated part of their overall news operation. Journalists can harvest, analyse, produce and deliver fast-paced news on social media platforms alongside traditional outlets. The story-centric workflow offers familiar indicators such as number of views, likes, shares, as well as audience comments and threads.

Dalet Galaxy Five introduces new integrations with AWS infrastructure services, enabling hybrid scalable architectures that help minimise content handling costs and introduce more mobility in the user experience while enhancing the security of content. The new version of the Dalet Workflow Engine offers enhanced task management, high availability and new API services that simplify the integration with third-party systems. Recently added capabilities shown at BroadcastAsia2018 include top-down view of group tasks and shared task lists as well as task time tracking and data aggregation for reporting and analysis.

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