Crystal Vision brings unique approach to IP


Crystal Vision will be co-exhibiting with its distributor Ariston FZC at CABSAT 2018 to show the new control features of the Safire 3 real-time chroma keyer. At its best, and Crystal Vision’s most popular product in the Middle East, the Safire 3 has been upgraded with improved live operation from the VisionPanel control panel making it even easier to use. Crystal Vision also brings a unique approach to the IP world with its MARBLE-V1 media processor and software apps, giving the flexibility needed to react to the changing requirements of IP.
VisionPanel, a 3U Ethernet control panel for the Safire 3 chroma keyer, is designed to operate up to 16 Crystal Vision Indigo or Vision frames and is well suited to those products that need regular adjustment thanks to its physical controls. The recent enhancements to VisionPanel all result in faster and easier operation – useful for all products but particularly beneficial for Safire 3 in a live situation. Touch screen improvements include making it more responsive, replacing the two-step drop down menus with a one-step radio group style control and removing the requirement to go via the home screen to change menus: tabs for all the other menus within that menu group are now displayed. Knob improvements include swapping the coarse and fine adjustment (with it now defaulting to the more commonly-used faster speed adjustment) and a useful new cal function, where pressing down on the knob defaults the value of the slider being adjusted. Hard button improvements include reassignment of the right-hand hard buttons to get immediate access to some of the most frequently-used menus (Key Status and Gain and Spill) as well as to provide a chroma key on/off toggle, and making it more obvious which hard button needs to be pressed to select a particular board: the button for the board currently being controlled is now lit bright, while the board list on the touch screen now shows the hard button number in addition to displaying the
board name.

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