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    Managing the huge bandwidth in moving 4K – even 8K formats – around a facility remains a challenge. But, Christian Bockskopf, Riedel’s Head of Marketing informs Vinita Bhatia that they are addressing it by continually improving their media-routing systems

    What are the biggest challenges in integrating IP into the broadcast workflow?
    We are now members of, and participants in, all of the major standards organizations, including SMPTE, AMWA, IEEE, VSF, etc, and are committed to supporting whatever standards become ratified and have already demonstrated compatibility with most of them. We believe that the biggest challenges involve educating end users so that they can understand and embrace these standards as they mature.

    Now that 4K, and even 6K and 8K, production is a reality, does this pose any hurdles for your solutions, since the payload will now become significantly bigger?
    While these formats are a reality, dealing with the huge bandwidth involved in moving them around a facility remains a challenge. We are addressing that challenge by continually improving our MediorNet real-time media-routing systems, which offer powerful features and nearly unlimited flexibility in moving, processing, and distributing broadcast signals. In fact, MediorNet was already used successfully in an 8K production at a high-profile event in Brazil this summer, so we are confident that our system is ready for widespread 8K production!

    Broadcasters and production companies are figuring ways in which software-based solutions can help them launch and maintain efficient production operations. How can Riedel help them in this regard?
    Software-based solutions are a very high priority at Riedel, as demonstrated by our SmartPanel user interface. It employs apps to give users control over multiple MediorNet network functions using the same physical panel. We now have apps for intercom communications and monitoring and control — with more to come.
    Software-based solutions are great for the customer because they make it possible to upgrade or downgrade capabilities without having to replace expensive hardware. As Riedel continues to develop apps for the SmartPanel, users will gain increasing capabilities that will help them optimize signal transport and production workflows. Another Riedel software-based, app solution is the new virtual multi-viewer, which saw its preview at IBC 2016.

    What were some of the big announcements for Riedel Communications at IBC?
    At IBC this year, we talked about many of the topics mentioned above, including interoperability with the various standards groups. We showed the MediorNet control app, which lets users communicate directly with the MediorNet network and control the devices within it, eliminating the need for a separate control system. We also demonstrated a hands-free smartphone app for communications and a multiviewer solution for MediorNet.

    How will Riedel’s recent acquisition of DELEC Audio – und Videotechnik GmbH and ASL Intercom BV help its customers?

    ASL Intercom has a strong portfolio in digital partyline technology, and its ASL FLEXUS intercom system is notable for allowing multiple standards — Dante/AES67/AVB and RAVENNA — to coexist in a single system. With intercom applications being such an important part of our business, ASL Intercom’s complementary technologies will help us serve an even broader array of customers. By acquiring DELEC’s assets, we strengthened our range of advanced communications solutions and Dante capabilities and gained a visionary team of engineers in the process.

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