Clippn reimagines media enterprise with Dalet xN

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Clippn, an online platform delivering ready-for-sale video clips to stock footage distributors, has moved its production and distribution infrastructure to the Dalet xN business solution. In partnership with Amazon Web Services, the new cloud-based infrastructure leverages the Dalet Galaxy media asset management (MAM) and Dalet AmberFin media processing platforms. Citing the increased demand for content across multiple screens and an industry year-over-year growth rate of nearly 30%, Clippn sought a partner who could help re-imagine its operation, providing an agile infrastructure to meet contracting and expanding demands at will.

“Getting these clips to market has traditionally been a problem,” commented Mick Reed, Founder and CEO, Clippn. “We had to streamline the complexity of the product chain from initial ingest through processing and distribution. We knew we could not achieve that with our current on-premise infrastructure, which is why we started looking at building a flexible cloud-based infrastructure and approached Dalet, who we knew as the leading Media Asset Management provider on the market.”

“We realized that this project matched our vision with Dalet xN – how cloud-based technologies can provide innovative answers to modern business challenges in the media industry,” noted Kevin Savina, Dalet’s Director of Product Strategy.

Frederic Roux, Director of Sales – Americas, Dalet and Mick Reed, Founder and CEO, Clippn

In addition to needing a flexible and scalable solution, gaining from the experience of Dalet in program preparation workflows has been critical for Clippn. As a result, they have a complete solution for collecting, managing and delivering footage, starting with content gathering from multiple contributors, followed by ingest, editing, color correction, verification and QC, and finally, distribution to stock footage sites.

The final installation provided Clippn a highly configurable infrastructure, enabling Clippn to adapt their operations on a constant basis. Having the system hosted in the cloud was a must for the company so that it could handle contributors and a workforce that is geographically spread.

The automation built into the platform is critical, avoiding wasted steps and letting the Clippn team focus on what actually adds value to their product. And because each one of the Clippn distributors has different metadata and delivery specifications, the system has to be both adaptable and future-proof so new distributors can be added, allowing them to continuously scale their success.

“Dalet’s robust platform can handle the volume of video content that moves through our pipeline. It is also elastic so higher volumes of content doesn’t slow us down,” added Mick. “We were able to create a cloud-based workflow that maximizes efficiency and actually integrates craft editing and curation, which I believe is a first.”

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