Camera Corps to promote advances in speciality camera systems at IBC, 2018

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Camera Corps will promote additions to its range of speciality camera systems and services at IBC, 2018. Among these innovations will be the Qx robotic PTZF camera head, the Qx Mini Zoom compact remote camera, the DMR (Dual Mini Remote) camera mount and the SMPTE 4K MAX 5 x 3G fibre signal transportation system.

The Qx is a compact head with integral pan/tilt/zoom/focus drives. Black-finished and 125 mm in diameter, the Qx incorporates a 1/3-inch CMOS Full-HD sensor delivering 1080p60, 1080p50, 1080i and 720p. The camera comes with an integral 18x zoom lens, automatic exposure, auto white balance, colour correction, edge enhancement, noise reduction and gamma control. Other capabilities are 3D noise reduction and shading correction. A shutter with a speed range of 1/4 to 1/8,000 second is incorporated. Imaging sensitivity is F5.6 at 2000 lux. The Qx Mini Zoom is a fixed-head variant of the Qx. Housed in a compact metal casing, it enables tracking from wide to narrow angle, in applications where pan and tilt functions are not required.

The DMR (Dual Mini Remote) head is a remote controlled camera mount devised to carry a high motion camera for behind-the-goal football replays. It is compatible with Camera Corps’ remote control panels and long-range connecting equipment such as the SMPTE 4K MAX. The Camera Corps DMR head is weatherproof, removing the need for a camera operator to be exposed to all weather. It is compatible with HD/4K mini-cams, including high frame rate models.

Another addition to the Camera Corps range of TV production solutions, SMPTE 4K MAX is designed for use in 4K-UHD or multi-camera HD broadcast coverage of live events. It is a compact fibre signal transportation system with five 3G feeds to support 4K. Each system comprises of two units: base and remote. Both are compact and robust, allowing swift installation, configuration and tear-down. They connect via a single SMPTE 311M hybrid cable, and are capable of carrying multi-channel video and audio back to the production control room.

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