Calrec opens the gate to a world of IP

IBC show


Calrec Audio revealed two IP products at IBC2018: the H2-IP Gateway and the AoIP Modular I/O controller card. Both products are SMPTE 2110/AES67 compatible, and are built on Calrec’s Impulse core, a native-IP core for use with Apollo and Artemis surfaces.
The H2-IP Gateway provides an interface between a Hydra2 network and an AoIP network. It allows audio labels to be passed in both directions between the two networks along with control data. It enables Hydra2 users to control gain of Calrec AoIP mic inputs, and AoIP users, to manoeuvre Hydra2 mic inputs. The 1U gateway can pass 256 or 512 channels of audio in each direction, and multiple gateways can be used to increase capacity or connections.
Also launched, is the Modular I/O Controller card that can operate in either Hydra2 or AoIP mode. The mode is selected via a switch on the card making it dual purpose, allowing it to be used on either network. Not only will this make a tailor-made AoIP I/O solution for Impulse core, but also fit into existing Modular I/O frames so units can be upgraded in the field. The card provides two redundant pairs of 1G SFPs to allow 512 audio channels to pass without over-using bandwidth in AoIP mode.
“These new products allow Calrec’s customers to benefit from getting continued value from their existing Calrec consoles, whilst taking steps into the emerging world of IP workflows,” said Henry Goodman, director, Product Development, Calrec.

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