Butterscotch releases new single using Avid solutions

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Upcoming music talent Butterscotch—America’s Got Talent finalist—has created her latest single and music video, ‘Accept Who I Am’, using Avid Artist Suite solutions powered by the Avid MediaCentral Platform. The song features Butterscotch’s combination of singing and beatboxing, accompanied by powerful imagery in her music video. Butterscotch relied on the digital audio workstation, Avid Pro Tools to record and edit the track.

“I sent the song to my producer, Jim, and he also uses Pro Tools,” said Butterscotch, while explaining about collaborating using Avid’s solutions. “I was able to come in and record the vocals and we found a great sound for my beatboxing and vocals. Pro Tools helped make this project as big as it could be.”

“I use Pro Tools in every way possible. It is the most versatile of all recording software – it has the most options and is the easiest to use,” said producer Jim Greer. “As fast as I can think of something, Pro Tools can do it. The new collaboration feature in Pro Tools is amazingly handy when you live in different cities. You can be working on the song at the same time, talking back and forth about it – it takes down barriers. You don’t have to worry about the distance anymore.”

Ali Mao, of Arcade in New York, worked closely with director and choreographer Mary John Frank to edit the video for ‘Accept Who I Am’ using the preeminent editing system Avid Media Composer. Mao made full use of the software’s extensive creative tools for the offline edit by using colour correction and effect tools to help tell the story of the personal struggles that Butterscotch has overcome.

“It’s already a challenge to make a music video, but one that’s about your life and representing all the bad things you went through – it was heavy!” said Butterscotch. “Ali and I wanted the inside shots to be black and white, because that’s the turmoil that I went through back in the day. She made everything super clean using Media Composer.”

“It’s always exciting to support up-and-coming artists like Butterscotch early on in their careers,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Avid. “Designed to enable artists to create and collaborate to tell their stories, Avid Artist Suite solutions gave Butterscotch and her team the tools they needed to tell her powerful, self-affirming story.”

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