Leader LV5600 4K HDR Test Instruments Keep TVN On Spec for UEFA Europa League Final OB

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TVN, one of Europe's top-performing providers of mobile television services, chose three Leader LV5600 waveform monitors as the reference test instruments for its coverage of the UEFA Europe League Final on August 21st at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne. Integrated into TVN's UE6 4K HDR OB truck, they were used to match incoming video feeds. Held behind closed doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the match was won 3-2 by Sevilla playing Inter Milan.

The final was broadcast in simultaneous UHD HDR and HD-SDI feeds from a single production platform. Audio was captured in full 5.1+2 Dolby E comprising a 5.1 channel programme and a two-channel secondary audio programme. The Dolby E multichannel audio mix was made available to accompany all the feeds.

"We fielded 29 cameras to cover the match," comments TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION's Head of Production Wolfgang Peiss. "They included an aerial camera system, our Live-Copter drone, two hi-mo and four slo-mo cameras, two pole cameras, plus a high speed miniature camera mounted on a remotely controlled arm behind each goal. The Leader instruments allowed us to achieve and sustain conformity between each channel and to accommodate changes in lighting level and chroma shading. This kind of matching is a fine art which viewers are quite unconscious of unless you get it wrong. The LV5600 instruments have been working well in our UE6 truck for nearly a year now. Our production staff find them accurate, robust and easy to operate. Their operator-configurable front-panel monitor is especially useful as it allows critical parameters to be viewed simultaneously for fast comparison. We also have the option of displaying the rasterising output on the monitor wall in each of the relevant production galleries, for shared access."

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