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IBC's virtual event, IBC SHOWCASE kicked off yesterday, and saw leading industry players come together to discuss key topics, including 5G Remote Production and Visual Experiences Transforming Media, Outsmarting Video Pirates, CG Animation Production and the Content Creation Workflow Tour.


View part 1 of OUR 5G Remote Production Accelerator Showcase, led by the BBC along with 11 other leading international broadcasters who have been working together to explore the 'art of the possible' in terms of 5G capabilities for production today.

Piracy is a global problem and is now on an industrial scale. Check out Synamedia's Outsmarting the pirates – An intelligence-led approach on demand.

Intel discusses  product innovations and ecosystem advancements that help overcome visual computing challenges and open up new media opportunities in Visual Experiences: Transforming Media, Connecting The World. View now on demand.

Catch up with the Content Creation Workflow Tour on demand to learn about the tools needed for acquiring content and capturing audio, the use of cameras, sounds and lighting and the impact of Covid-19 on remote production.

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