Microsoft Showcase Sessions at IBC Showcase 2020

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Understanding Your Audience : Engaging and retaining your fans in these dynamic times - 12:00 BST
The panellists will discuss the challenges the sports and entertainment industry faces, and delve into the digital strategy and technology that enabled impactful, personal fan engagement.

Collaborate, Create and Innovate: Production in the Cloud - 13:00 BST
Discover how the state of production and cloud, edge and AI can help transform creation workflows.

Optimizing Content Delivery – Looking at the direct-to-consumer future that’s arrived ahead of schedule - 14:00 BST
Join a round table discussion with executives from key cloud distribution players, as they reveal the steps they took to absorb the COVID demand spike.

RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW to take part in conversations that will address the driving need for consumers to have all the content at their fingertips, all the time, and how the industry can manage it.

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