The Evolving World of LED Signage

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As ISE 2020, the world’s largest pro AV show, is nearly upon us, Claire Kerrison, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource explores the rise of LED video walls in corporate environments and shares some of the latest trends from the latest Futuresource Consulting Global Video Wall Report.

“Corporate LED signage is evolving,” says Kerrison. “It has been a focal point of company HQ reception areas for some time, installed to make a strong positive impact and communicate financial success. It’s even created rivalry between the world’s leading corporations, as they compete to create the most striking entrance display. Yet, perhaps the most exciting and highly disruptive application for corporate LED is the presentation and meeting space market. These solutions are now competing head-on with LCD and projection, stepping beyond flagship boardrooms, as prices begin to fall.”

Demand is driven by a widening availability of out-of-the-box solutions, with predefined screen size, pixel-pitch and resolution. Sold through the mainstream IT/AV run-rate channel, they currently demand a hefty price premium, but as ASPs continue to tumble, they will prove to be a highly disruptive force in the corporate meeting space. The complexities of installation are becoming less of an issue too, as the rise of interchangeable tiles and out-of-the-box solutions pave the way for simplicity.

“LED’s main advantage is its large image footprint, with no discernible bezel,” says Kerrison. “Of course, a tiled LCD video wall is great for creating larger displays at a lower cost, but it has a noticeable bezel join. For many corporate users, this is not acceptable as it detracts from the content. LED’s bright and vibrant displays are also well-suited to the premium image that many corporates want to convey.”

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