Broadcast Solutions Finland modernises Director's Cut production control rooms

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The Finnish production company Director's Cut, based in Helsinki, has recently equipped part of its production facilities with new technology and optimised workfows. Broadcast Solutions, with its Finnish subsidiary, plannedand implemented the measures. The aim of the modernisation was, besides renewing the technology, to increase fexibility in daily work and optimise production workfows. Director's Cut's existing infrastructure proved too outdated and infexible to cope with the increasing number of simultaneously produced sports programs. In the two renewed multipurpose control rooms, Director's Cut creates the Finnish national programmes for international sporting events (e.g. football Champions League, ice hockey or tennis). Director's Cut's primary customer is MTV3, Finland's largest private television station. After the successful implementation, it is now possible to produce up to six Finnish-language programme feeds simultaneously from two multipurpose control rooms with only two producers. One Mainfeed and two Sidefeeds can be produced per control room. Audio processing takes place in a Lawo Powercore. Control is via Lawo VisTool user interfaces and an 8-fader Ruby console for the Mainfeed and via two 4-fader Ruby consoles for the two Sidefeeds. Broadcast Solutions created the VisTool interfaces especially to meet the individual workfows of Director's Cut.

The new facility also includes six commentator booths equipped with Lawo LCUs and 43" Sony monitors.One Grass Valley 1ME Kula vision mixer and two Grass Valley channel branding processors are available per control room for image processing.As part of the renewal, Broadcast Solutions also replaced the video matrix, which had become too small,with a 168x168 Grass Valley Sirius 830 matrix with an integrated 96 x 12 multiviewer. A Lawo VSM system controls the complete installation.One challenge of the successfully implemented project was the short project period and the fact that the modernisation was carried out during ongoing operationwith only ten days available for the actual switch-over.

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