Grass Valley launches Kula AV at IBC2019

Kula AV system
Kula AV system


At IBC2019, Grass Valley will unveil Kula AV, a multiformat all-in-one system that mixes video and digital or analog audio, includes full clip-store integration to graphics creation and editing, and provides built-in multiviewer capability. Designed to support the needs of smaller operations, this compact system allows a single operator to have everything they need at their fingertips for compelling corporate, house of worship, and small venue productions.
Kula AV packs a punch with a wide range of flexible features, in a 2RU mainframe. In addition to Grass Valley’s FormatFusion3 technology, which auto-senses and seamlessly converts any combination of SD, HD and 1080p to the required output for unrestricted mixing of video signal types across all inputs and output, the system’s integrated audio mixing capabilities  include embed/de-embedding, clean and quiet audio switching, and audio-follow-video mode for simplified control.
This feature rich solution also provides configurable multiviewer heads and offers a large internal ClipStore, supported by a 1TB hard disk. Integrated Swift broadcast graphics, from GV Technology Alliance member RT Software, gives Kula AV users the flexibility to support even the most demanding productions. Once created, graphics are automatically loaded into the system’s ClipStore, ready for immediate use.
From only a 2RU mainframe, the compact Kula AV delivers the largest IO count in its switcher class, with 40 video and 80 audio inputs. Controlled with a 19” Kula panel and Mav audio module, the entire system can be easily loaded into a flypack for transportation to rental or ENG locations. This unique solution is designed to reduce the complexity during setup and empowers a single operator to create a high-end production.
“Producing first-class content is increasingly important to customers outside the traditional broadcast space – from corporate events to sports and live entertainment venues as well as houses of worship. We are a clear market leader in providing highly responsive, proven solutions for venue media production and Kula AV puts all of our expertise into an easy to deploy package, at an entry-level price,” said Mark Hilton, VP - Live Production, Grass Valley. “By bringing the power and capability of multiple systems into a compact form factor that will fit in even the most confined spaces, we allow smaller production operations to meet the demand for compelling, high quality content.”

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