MOOV Ltd. invests in 23 ChyronHego PRIME graphics systems

MOOV is deploying Chyronhego PRIME systems to support BT Sport
MOOV is deploying Chyronhego PRIME systems to support BT Sport


ChyronHego has announced that MOOV Ltd., a provider of sports and event graphics in the U.K., has expanded its footprint of ChyronHego graphics solutions with 23 new PRIME graphics systems. The new PRIME systems will give MOOV enhanced support for HDR and UHD/4K workflows, and greater flexibility to serve its broadcast customers. In phase one of the installation, MOOV is deploying PRIME systems to support BT Sport.

"In order to stay ahead of the game as we continue to serve a host of U.K. and international broadcasters, we also need to stay ahead of the technology curve with tools that can help us deliver highly complex graphics with a fast turnaround," said Laurie Beaumont, head - Graphics, MOOV Ltd. MOOV began working with BT Sport in 2013 to deploy a strategy and delivery platform for the broadcaster's UHD service based on ChyronHego's flagship LyricX graphics creation and playout solution.

Designed for versatility, ChyronHego's PRIME platform stacks an array of diverse applications into a single 4K-ready authoring and playout solution. Configurable as a solution for character generation, production clip playing, or touchscreen and video wall graphics, PRIME helps broadcasters of all sizes present more visually compelling and editorially rich programming.

"Our shared passion for graphics excellence has enabled MOOV to continue deploying stunning graphics to viewers around the world in UHD, 3D, and HDR, and this investment in PRIME demonstrates MOOV's commitment to deliver the rich, high-resolution HDR images that give productions a competitive edge,' said said Matt Bryan, territory sales director, ChyronHego.

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