Switch Media unveils VOD2Live for live linear OTT channels

Switch Media unveils VOD2Live for live linear OTT channels
Eugenio Marongiu
Switch Media unveils VOD2Live for live linear OTT channels


Switch Media, a provider of online video technology, has launched VOD2Live, a tool which enables broadcasters and content owners to launch custom dynamic live linear channels in minutes. Using a content owners existing library of VOD assets, VOD2Live creates a broadcast-equivalent channel with no need for playout software, live video encoding, or to re-ingest the media. This simplifies video delivery workflows, lowers cost, and reduces time to market, while providing personalisation of channels, including programming and ads based on viewer location, demographics, or viewing behaviour.

VOD2Live may be used to create quick pop-up channels for content providers who want to temporarily feature a collection from their library on a linear channel. It can also be used to leverage the investment of an existing live linear channel by broadening distribution to other markets. The idea for VOD2Live was born from Switch Media’s SSAI technology AdEase, which specialises on stitching ad and media content together on-the-fly to create high-quality, seamless, targeted OTT ad insertion.

Luke Durham, CTO, Switch Media, said, “Our VOD2Live solution takes this notion a step further, enabling personalisation of the entire channel, including ads. It achieves this by taking assets from an existing VOD library and generates a linear channel from the data. There’s no additional complexity; it simply uses a set of metadata to generate the channel. VOD2Live allows customers to inexpensively test a linear channel in market with low cost of start up.” 

VOD2Live is ideally suited for pop-up channels where content owners can inexpensively test new offerings; regional, time-shifted and culturally targeted programming, with relevant audio and subtitle tracks; and personalised channels based on genre, viewer preferences, or a feed from an existing recommendation engine.

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