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Varun-Duggirala, host of show 'Advertising is Dead'
Varun-Duggirala, host of show 'Advertising is Dead'


Indus Vox Media Podcasts (IVM Podcasts), has taken the Indian audio industry  by  storm.  Founded by Amit Doshi and Kavita Rajwade, IVM Podcasts is a platform providing podcasts of all shapes and sizes. According to the duo, the shows are created with locally-farmed, organic, free-range hosts; with ladles of intricately seasoned knowledge, a penchant for silliness, and their secret ingredient - love. The network’s website states, “IVM is a podcast network aimed to fill every day commutes, long lines at the bank, early morning walks, and awkward carpools, with insightful and funny stories.” IVM produces a variety of shows covering topics ranging from sports, style, health, politics and pop culture.


Amit Doshi, founder and CEO, IVM Podcasts, is a serial entrepreneur who has launched companies in the technology and consumer internet space. Before his entrepreneurial start, he was an assistant director for a few Bollywood movies, and then switched to advertising. He founded Indus Vox Media (IVM Podcasts) in 2015, which is now one of India’s largest podcast networks. “We are changing the way India is listening. I want IVM Podcasts to be the premier destination for spoken word content in India,” said Doshi.
Kavita Rajwade, co-founder of IVM Podcasts, is a marketing veteran in the music space with over sixteen years of experience in revenue, strategy, and business development.

Traffic on the IVM platform has grown 25 times in over two years

Traffic on the IVM platform has grown 25 times in over two years

Her enthusiasm for music led her to working with some of the biggest brands in music. She also worked in sport management before co-founding IVM with Doshi. At IVM Podcasts, she has been responsible for shaping the company into India’s premier podcast network. “Audio is an underserved market in India; not just podcasting but also radio, music, and talk. Radio is limited by the low number of stations and high fixed costs. Music in India is mostly limited to Bollywood music, which brings its own limitations in terms of frequency. Similarly, podcasting is limited because a lack of exposure to talk content. Having said that, India has a tradition of oral storytelling and we are naturally conversational people. I see the opportunity to garner large audiences,” commented Doshi.

Amit Doshi, founder and CEO, IVM Podcasts

Amit Doshi, founder and CEO, IVM Podcasts


Since its launch, IVM has created content that has been downloaded/streamed over 10 million times across various platforms. Over the last three years, it has released around 75 shows on its catalogue, with more than 3,800 episodes of content across genres. “We produce and create content out of our studio and office in Khar, Mumbai. We have a dedicated team of producers, audio engineers, designers, software engineers, and delivery specialists, who work on getting our content out,” said Doshi.


“We identify a vertical or a personality we want to work with and start designing a show around that person. This includes considering factors like tonality, structure, packaging - both from a sound and look perspective, and a show schedule - daily, weekly, multiple times a week, and whether the show should be seasonal or ongoing,” added Rajwade.

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