IBC2019 to feature Esports Showcase and live esports tournament

IBC2019 to feature Esports Showcase and live esports tournament
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IBC2019 to feature Esports Showcase and live esports tournament


IBC2019, one of the world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show, will explore the technical and commercial opportunities and challenges of the rapidly growing world of Esports, with its first ever Esports Showcase on 17th September. The IBC Esports showcase will feature a live esports tournament in the RAI Auditorium.

ESL's National Championship teams from Germany and Spain will go head-to-head in a live Counter-Strike tournament on the big cinema screen in Dolby stereo. Before the tournament, as part of the IBC Esports Showcase, IBC will bring together some of the most influential people in the world of esports, to explore the latest trends and development, considering the business case for esports from stretch targets, challenges and opportunities for esports players and the technical delivery of esports programs. Speakers include Chester King, CEO - British Esports Association; Michiel Bakker, CEO - GINX Esports TV Canada; Jonas Gundersen, CCO - North A/S; Henrik Nyhuis, head - Ran Esports - ProSiebenSat.1 Sports GmbH; Jens Fischer, EVS; Simon Eicher, executive producer, director - Broadcast, eSports Services – ESL; Ryan Chaply, senior Esports program manager - Twitch; Peter Emminger, VP - Global Broadcast, Blizzard.

Globally, esports delivers younger audiences on digital channels unheard of in traditional sports broadcasting making this a revenue opportunity for players in the media ecosystem. Revenues are set to exceed $1billion in 2019, representing a year-on-year growth of +26.7%, and are forecast to reach $3billion by 2022. While sponsorship is currently the highest source of revenue, the fastest growing source of revenue is now media rights – estimated to reach 40% of total revenues by 2022.

“This year we have created a dedicated showcase with leading industry experts who will examine the state of the industry, separate the hype from the real value, and highlight the production challenges. It will be an unmissable day for anyone with an interest in esports,” said Steve Connolly, director - Business Development, IBC.

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