Veritone's Mike Arthur to speak at SVG Content Management Forum in NYC

Mike Arthur, SVP, licensing, Veritone, Inc.
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Mike Arthur, SVP, licensing, Veritone, Inc.


Veritone, Inc. has announced that Mike Arthur, SVP, licensing, Veritone, Inc., will participate in a session titled 'AI and Machine Learning for MAM: Let's Get Real' at this year's Sports Video Group (SVG) Content Management Forum, at New York.

"Automating metadata enrichment by leveraging artificial intelligence to identify faces, logos, and objects, and to convert speech to text for closed captioning, enhances the content-creation ecosystem significantly. As cognitive processing is becoming more prevalent, sports content creators are exploring new ways to capitalise on these advances," said Arthur. "With our aiWARE operating system for artificial intelligence, Veritone is bringing these nearly inconceivable capabilities into the mainstream, so that non-technical people can integrate them into their day-to-day work. I'm looking forward to joining other industry experts and early adopters as we discuss the financial drivers, workflow advantages, and obstacles that influence purchase decisions," he added.

The SVG Content Management Forum will feature leaders in media asset management (MAM), with speakers from major broadcasters, leagues, teams, OTT outlets, and vendors, offering firsthand perspectives and behind-the-curtain looks at their respective workflows. In addition to the AI and machine learning session, topics will include the current state of MAM and archiving, cloud and virtualisation, and object storage and next-gen storage technologies.

Arthur leads Veritone's Content Licensing business, which manages and licenses content on behalf of rights holders to end users creating powerful documentaries, award-winning films, and memorable advertisements around the world. He focusses on expanding the reach of Veritone's Content Licensing offerings through features such as AI-enhanced content creation workflows and end-to-end project management, to further enhance rights holders' ability to enrich content and expand revenue opportunities. A veteran of the sports industry, Arthur has worked with numerous media, technology, and sports organisations, including NASCAR and MLB, NBA, and NHL teams.

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