PHABRIX highlights SMPTE ST 2110 test and measurement capabilities at Broadcast Asia 2019

PHABRIX Qx series
PHABRIX Qx series


At Broadcast Asia 2019, PHABRIX, will highlight  software releases for the Qx IP and Sx TAG IP solutions for SMPTE ST 2110 workflows.In addition, PHABRIX will demonstrate AV delay generation and analysis, a new option available on its handheld Sx Series and rack-mounted Rx Series.

Qx Rasterizer - V3.0 software release for ST 2110 workflows

Qx, a flexible rasteriser for hybrid IP/SDI analysis and video/audio monitoring, offers hybrid IP/SDI test and measurement tools for environments that require 4K/UHD (12G/6G/3G-SDI), HD-SDI as well as SMPTE ST 2110, ST 2022-7, ST 2059 (PTP) and ST 2022-6 formats.

Sx TAG IP handheld instrument - V2.0 software release for ST 2110 workflows

PHABRIX will present its Sx TAG IP handheld instrument, providing comprehensive support for modern broadcast IP systems with encapsulation and decapsulation of ST 2110-20/30/40 with IP to SDI gateway, ST 2059 PTP, AMWA NMOS IS-04/IS-05, as well as ST 2022-6. Offering mobility in a portable format, the Sx TAG IP offers a built-in synchroniser that allows asynchronous SDI sources to be locked to PTP for ST 2110 encapsulation. In addition, analog sync pulses locked to PTP can be generated from a decapsulated ST 2110 PTP locked source.

Qx: SDI interface stress testing

PHABRIX will  demonstrate its SDI-STRESS option for the Qx, providing an advanced toolset for SDI interface stress testing. Together with its automated 12G-SDI physical layer analysis employing RTE (Real-Time Eye) technology, SDI-STRESS provides a solution to SMPTE compliance verification of 12G/4x3G/2x6G/6G/3G/HD-SDI interfaces. The toolset includes a windowed eye amplitude histograms with peak or mean measurement of eye amplitude, SDI jitter insertion (10Hz to 10MHz, 0.01UI to 16UI), eye amplitude adjustment (+/-10%), risetime, pre-emphasis, signal invert and mute controls operating with either the video pattern generator with pathological overlay as source or a new PRBS Signal Generator (PRBS7, 9, 15, 23, 31), coupled to a new BERT Analyzer tool. In addition, a new Pathological EQ/PLL condition detector with real time trigger over GPI out is provided all under REST API control.

Rx and Sx series - AV delay generation and analysis

AV delay generation and analysis offers an end-to-end solution for the measurement of audio to video differential delay through a broadcast system. The generator produces an adapted EBU Tech 3305 AV sync clapperboard test pattern, and is compatible with third party AV delay analysers including the LAWO V_pro8. The AV delay analyser supports EBU and LAWO modes of operation.

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