Lawo introduces mc²56 production console dual fader, at NAB Show 2019

Lawo mc²56 Dual Fader
Lawo mc²56 Dual Fader


At NAB Show 2019, Lawo showcased an option for its third-generation mc²56 audio production console: a dual-fader operating surface that increases fader count while keeping console size small. With this addition, mc²56 becomes the only audio mixing console in its category that can host up to 144 faders within a compact footprint. The dual fader option incorporates Lawo’s LiveView thumbnail previews of associated video streams directly in the fader strips, enhancing user accuracy in fast-paced production situations.

Lawo’s flagship mc296, the 3rd generation mc²56 is optimised for complex IP-video production environment. It features native support for SMPTE 2110, AES67 / RAVENNA, DANTE and MADI audio streams. Because downtime isn’t an option, mc²56 has adopted the SMPTE 2022-7 standard for Seamless Protecting Switching (SPS), delivering dual-redundant IP-network links to its Nova73 routing engine.

The Lawo IP-Share Network Gain Compensation prevents unexpected gain changes during simultaneous use of up to eight networked consoles. Each of the console’s fader bays can either be equipped with the new dual-fader module, or the standard fader module with an extended free control section giving direct access to as many as four global or individual parameter assignments on each channel strip. The mc²56’s color-coded button-glow controls, touch-sensitive encoders and color TFT displays provide clear color-coding of channel strips for enhanced visibility and fast access in low light.

Built-in loudness metering is standard, with full loudness control adhering to ITU 1770 (EBU/R128 or ATSC/A85) specifications. Peaks and loudness can be monitored together, or separately. For recording applications, mc256 provides dynamic time-code automation, Lawo-grade mic preamps and processing, DAW remote control and a customisable signal chain with four independent dynamic modules.

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