DISTANCE NO BAR - Rajesh Mishra, CEO, UFO Moviez India Limited, on satellite connectivity - Part III

UFO Moviez's screen placement on the map of India
UFO Moviez's screen placement on the map of India


A satellite delivers round the clock. It allows for multiple downloads, permutations and combinations. UFO also provides licenses to distributors. For example, if a distributor has a license for ten shows for a particular movie, he will not be able to play it the eleventh time. This has helped evaporate the exploitation of cinema, along with providing distributors full control of their data.
UFO has played an important role in the significant reduction of piracy in Indian cinema. “The technology has chucked white-collar piracy out of the window. The avenues from where movies could be pirated have reduced in number drastically. Technology can be misused, but we at UFO, strive to swipe piracy clean,” stated Mishra. The company has configured dynamic fingerprint sensors in the severs, which can track the date, time and place of the instance when the movie was copied.

“When a movie is delivered, I can activate it within two minutes in any cinema across the country, sitting in my Mumbai office,” said Mishra. Everything at UFO has become an automated and simplified process because of the use of satellites. “By use of satellite connectivity, we spared ourselves the headache of physically delivering prints to cinemas. We can concentrate on the actual business of doing business!” exclaimed Mishra.

We were thinking fresh; we wanted to build an eco-system for the distribution industry. The complete responsibility of integration, back-end and front-end was undertaken by us. And we were ready to invest in it ourselves, without burdening anyone.

NOVA Cinemaz is an asset-light franchisee model recently launched by UFO as a one stop solution for the local populace to set-up movie theatres in their respective areas through a standardised model, in terms of infrastructure and experience. Through this initiative, NOVA offers an infrastructural boost to the Indian film industry, an exciting opportunity to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to get into movie-exhibition services, and a better cinematic experience for the local cine-goers. “It requires around 60-90 permissions to start a cinema depending on the state, and irrespective of how old a brand is. It is a nightmare!” stated Mishra.
Another venture is - Caravan Talkies, a movie-on-wheels concept, wherein sundowner, free-of-cost shows are played at villages for India’s rural population situated in media-dark areas. This platform provides an opportunity for brands to reach out and engage with rural audiences via consumer activations in a fun and receptive environment. Currently, UFO is operating 114 caravan vans across 14 states. “Cinema should reach people irrespective of geographical challenges. Men used to travel to neighbouring towns to watch their favourite movies, while women and children were left at home. This initiative is our way of bridging that gap,” beamed Mishra.

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