All about sportscasting - Part IV

Marathon coverage by CP Communications' Smart Car
Marathon coverage by CP Communications' Smart Car



A recent content acquisition services for the NYC Marathon is an example of how CP Communications provided a complement of IP and bonded cellular technologies to provide cover of the 26.2-mile race across all five boroughs of New York City. The company equipped four Smart cars, four motorcycles and other special motorised platforms, with cameras and mobile viewpoint bonded cellular systems, and carried bidirectional video and audio from 11 cameras and 240 intercom ports over a bonded cellular network.
“The introduction of our STREAM content acquisition platforms, increased use of IP, cloud and bonded cellular technologies for live content acquisition services, will help us serve all missions related to higher quality content, lower latency to consumers, and enhanced interactivity,” said Gepner.
Another instance is that of last summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia, where 15,000 hours of transmission was delivered using 485 LiveU units used from over 40 countries. The LU600 HEVC was used to follow the teams, interview the players and fans, and to capture the atmosphere with daily live feeds. ESPN India was present in Moscow to catch all the live action. The company also aided the eight-day mountain biking race -The Absa Cape Epic, in South Africa, by deploying e-bikes (electric bikes,) together with the Xtender remote transmission device, to cover the race from the ground and aerially. LiveU’s HEVC technology is currently being deployed by WRC Promoter GmbH, the company that’s responsible for all its commercial aspects of the FIA World Rally Championship, to expand its live video coverage across 10 rallies.

One interesting development in sportscasting has been the increased adoption of cine-style cameras for 4K sports production. These cameras have difference sensor sizes that provide a different texture to the picture.
– Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne


The sports industry today, is a voraciously expanding business. The next frontier for sportscasting is anticipated to be e-sports. As of today, it is the fastest growing branch of the live-broadcasting industry catering to a diverse set of audience. It has reasonably transformed our perception of how a sports event should look and feel to us, as viewers.
The vent between poor quality and high quality is gradually shutting off. Gone are the days when not meeting the signal-to-noise ratio would alone be considered a poor image. Now, the focus has shifted to what looks pleasing to the eye, as opposed to what is analytically perfect. The race to win the bigger slice of the pie, has led to the most visually ethereal and engaging content to be delivered. We only hope for more!

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