All about sportscasting - Part II

LiveU units in use for data capture
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LiveU units in use for data capture



There has been a rapid development of acquisition technology to support the changing contribution and distribution side of the sports production business.  Trends are morphing in nearly every vertical associated with live production - from broadcast television to OTT streaming and commercial AV. Houses of worships, corporations and other organisations are managing more video and audio content, than never before.
“The key advancements we see are heavily centered on wireless technology for acquisition and the integration of cloud-based/virtual production services. It’s being driven by the growth of a global network; everyone is much more connected. Those organisations with an audience connected to their outlets, want technology solutions that make content creation faster, less expensive, and of greater quality.  And they need to manage that content more efficiently to serve broader audiences over more delivery platforms,” explained Jerry Gepner, COO, CP Communications.

Since the advent of organised entertainment, which can be traced back to several thousands of years ago, sports have always attracted massive attention and as a result, have a notable social impact ever since.
– Alexander Stoyanov, sales director, PBT EU

In live environments, where the dynamics of some sports events require cognitive data, subtitling and live captioning are gaining momentum.The integration of hardware-based HEVC encoding in IP bonding technology has also instigated a noteworthy increase in its use, enabling high-quality, reliable and extensive coverage at a fraction of the cost of satellite and fibre transmission.
Compression techniques are progressing in alignment with adoption of IP and UHD formats, and they are inching closer to the front line. “Compression at some point in the workflow becomes a necessity with 12G. We have also been developing advanced repeater technology with higher-output lasers to accommodate loss associated with greater speed and distance of these higher resolution formats over optical networks,” said Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne.
There has been an gradual rise in the replacement of appliance-based media workflows with cloud-native services. We are beyond the lift-and-shift stage, and firmly entrenched in cloud-native applications. Virtualising products in expensive third-party loud services is no longer a feasible option. “Companies now realise that they must develop cloud-native systems as opposed to repackaging transitional products and services. This not only saves costs but provides the technical agility and freedom that the cloud can bring,” said Gepner.
“Combining increased reliability with bandwidth efficiency; portable HEVC units enable sports producers and broadcasters to capture all the angles of dynamic events (e.g. motor racing, marathons) over long distances, even in locations with limited connectivity. Multi-camera live events can be produced remotely from a centralised studio or OB van, instead of dedicated on-site production and satellite trucks, with additional cost saving,” added Ranjit Bhatti, director - South Asia, LiveU Ltd.
“One interesting development in sportscasting has been the increased adoption of cine-style cameras for 4K sports production.  These cameras have difference sensor sizes that provide a different texture to the picture,” added Jachetta.

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