Bridge Technologies to demonstrate range of network monitoring, analysis solutions at BroadcastAsia

Broadcast Asia show


Bridge Technologies will be at BroadcastAsia 2018 with partner Techtel at booth 4K3-05 to demonstrate its range of advanced network monitoring and analysis solutions. The two companies claim to help digital media companies and broadcasters deliver an improved end user experience. Techtel supplies and supports the full range of Bridge Technologies’ solutions in the Asia Pacific market.

“Our investment in the exciting Asia Pacific market is now beginning to pay off,” said James Chance, regional manager, APAC at Bridge Technologies. “Working with Techtel, awareness of the benefits our solutions can provide has increased and has seen us become involved in a number of very interesting projects. We are providing our customers with valuable tools that enable them to achieve 100% understanding of, and confidence in, their video processing systems and distribution networks’– and that’s allowing them to fully embrace IP, and leverage its many benefits and advantages such as a better operational efficiency and technical service quality resulting in an improved Quality of Experience for subscribers.”

Instrument View is designed to address a real-time need for IP packet behaviour analytics when dealing with modern infrastructures capable of transporting uncompressed ST2110 video and audio. With a production environment dominated by operations personnel and non-movable deadlines, Instrument View enables the total understanding of advanced connectivity with the use of advanced paradigms recognised by staff to give accurate and meaningful information – equivalent to that obtained from the audio meter or waveform/vector-scope that has been utilised by the industry since the beginning of broadcast. The Instrument View option provides deep analytics displays for the VB440 dual 40 Gigabit network probe.

Also on show is the VB288 Objective QoE Content Extractor. The VB288 performs objective video and audio monitoring of MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 and H.265/HEVC streams and offers a unique web browser-based remote video-wall capability providing full visual status from anywhere. The VB288 enables operators to inspect enormous amounts of content beyond the ability of the human eye, and provides reliable alarming on objective parameters having an impact on QoE.

Bridge Technologies and Techtel will also be highlighting the Remote Data Wall (RDW), which allows those responsible for network monitoring and management to quickly and easily create a visual representation of network activity, enabling potential problems to be rapidly identified and appropriate corrective action taken. Depending on the size or complexity of the network being monitored, RDW can spread from a single screen to multiple screens in a videowall format – but requires no specialist skills to install.

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