Brainstorm to exhibit latest enhancements for content creation at IBC, 2018

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Brainstorm, manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, will be exhibiting its latest enhancements for hyper-realistic content creation at IBC, 2018. The company will showcase a theatre presentation based on photorealistic virtual sets, augmented reality and broadcast applications, where the synthetic images will be indistinguishable from the real ones. It will comprise of a combination of the Brainstorm eStudio renderer and the Epic Games Unreal Engine, within the Combined Render Engine application. The merging of Aston graphics material with InfinitySet adds visually engaging content within the virtual studio environment.

InfinitySet 3 provides Augmented Reality features to create shows using virtual sets and graphics. Brainstorm will showcase a dedicated augmented reality pod to display the possibilities of such applications using InfinitySet. Aston showcases graphics creation tools and object properties, including advanced primitives, textures, materials, shaders, and features a user-friendly, contextual interface that facilitates the designer’s operation. Brainstorm will showcase Neuron, a pathway to broadcast graphics, traffic and branding management solution. Neuron is an integrated, MOS-compatible template-based system that allows graphics integration in the newsroom and also common broadcast workflows.

Brainstorm will unveil products and developments for weather and sports applications, providing additional possibilities to the existing toolsets of Aston and InfinitySet. David Alexander, commercial director, Brainstorm, said, “At IBC, Brainstorm will demonstrate, how our range of products satisfy broadcasters’ requirements for graphics, augmented reality and virtual studio applications.”

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