Black Box introduces Emerald Unified KVM platform


Black Box, a provider of keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) connectivity and signal distribution systems, introduced the Emerald Unified KVM Platform. This is a converged KVM solution for distributing high-quality video, audio, and peripheral signals throughout expanding hybrid environments that include both IP and proprietary direct-connect networks, mixed resolutions up to and beyond UHD/4K, and any number and combination of physical and virtual desktops and servers.

“As media enterprises continue to migrate from SDI-based signal distribution to all-IP operations, they’re looking to leverage IP’s virtually unlimited scalability and cost savings through the use of commodity, low-cost hardware. At the same time, virtualisation offers great potential for reducing IT operational overhead and hardware expenses, and also for building resiliency into the network,” said Josh Whitney, senior VP, technology product solutions business at Black Box. “A critical requirement of IP operations is a centralised connectivity platform that can handle the complexities of today’s media environments, including 4K video distribution and support for virtualisation.”

“As the first KVM platform to support both IP and direct connections, the Emerald Platform gives enterprises the ability to deploy both IP and proprietary KVM networks from all Emerald units. Customers can scale up as their operation expands, simply by adding endpoints. In this manner, it provides seamless connectivity in a direct-connect SDI environment today, while paving a smooth and easy upgrade path to IP.”

Emerald supports DisplayPort 1.2 4K video at 60 Hz and 10-bit color depth over standard IP network switches and connections, enabling pixel-perfect 4K image transmission with mathematically lossless compression. But because it is a true hybrid KVM solution, operations still working primarily in HD can add 4K at their own pace and transition individual user groups as the need arises.

Emerald is also the first KVM solution to provide full support for virtualised environments — enabling connectivity for any combination of physical and virtual servers within a single KVM network and giving operators a smooth and easy migration path to virtualisation. The Emerald KVM platform offers virtual machine support for VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix using RDP, RemoteFX and PCoIP.

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