Aspera showcases high speed transfer software and joint partner solutions

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At IBC 2016, Aspera, an IBM company, demonstrated the FASP 3.7 core transport platform for its high-speed file transfer software and workflow automation solutions used by the broadcast and media industries including new joint solutions powered by Aspera FASP.

The new capabilities in the FASP 3.7 platform include FASPStream for Live Event Streaming, an open turnkey video transport solution, which enables broadcast-quality live streaming over commodity Internet networks, allowing users to stream media globally with error-free playout and minor start-up time. Building on the efficiency of the FASP protocol, the solution out performs forward error correction over UDP and CDNs by maintaining stream quality over distance without start-up delay.
FASP 3.7 expands object storage support enabling stream to object store ingest over WANs at high-speed. Users can receive streams and write directly to object/persistent storage (Hadoop, Swift, S3, etc.) and to real time message queue platforms (e.g. Kafka) simultaneously.

The multi-node transfer capability in Aspera transfer servers and Point-to-Point Client software enables mass data transfers to cloud storage clusters (e.g. 120 Terabytes migrated per day). Users can replicate mass data sets including large directories and individual large files using multiple computers in a cluster (or multiple cores), including Direct-to-Cloud storage.

Aspera’s popular auto-scaling and auto-provisioning clusters for cloud based transfer management now includes cluster nodes upgraded for enhanced networking on cloud infrastructure enabling 2 Gigabit per second transfer capacity per node, and provides seamless automatic provisioning in VPC clusters, custom auto-boot scripts, and running upgrades. Now fully integrated in the latest version of Aspera Console, Autoscale cluster transfers can be monitored in real-time and are included in Console historical reports.

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