Animal Logic chooses FilmLight Baselight as end-to-end finishing solution



    Award-winning digital animation and visual effects studio, Animal Logic, has installed two Baselight grading systems in its Sydney head office. The company – whose credits range from The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Captain America: Civil War and the series of LEGO movies, also has operations in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

    Animal Logic has replaced their existing DI suites with a Baselight TWO grading system as well as a Baselight ONE, each with Blackboard control panels. There is also a Baselight ASSIST station for file preparation and rendering of final deliverables, and all systems are linked to a 160TB FLUX Store, FilmLight’s high-speed media server with full multi-GPU rendering options.

    “Baselight has always been in Animal Logic’s peripheral vision. There is an increasing sense that it has become the new industry standard with a very reliable toolset that most colourists can just jump on and use,” said Alex Timbs, head-IT at Animal Logic. “This toolset, combined with the FLUX Store, provided a turnkey solution entirely configured by FilmLight so we could just slide into production with ease. And having one trusted company handling software releases, hardware and complex storage,” he said. He added that this way his team could shift the focus away from experimenting with and problem-solving different hardware and back to their creative work.

    Bram Tulloch, global editorial and DI engineer at Animal Logic, agreed with the importance of Baselight as the finishing tool, which also brings efficiencies through FilmLight’s BLG workflow. “Our requirements are very different from the traditional VFX pipeline – we are not dealing with live action content so we require more from our solutions,” he said. “We tend work towards a photoreal look in almost everything we create, and that certainly requires a very complex and accurate set of tools. Baselight gets things through the pipeline faster, and the BLG workflow offers everyone the ability to get involved in the DI from the early stages.”

    Timbs concluded, “One of the real differentiators for us is the people that support FilmLight – the level of professionalism, and understanding of the science of making movies and colour, is at a level which very few could match. There is a level of trust in FilmLight’s brand, and in the products and the people.”

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