According to Dushyant Jani, founder and CEO of Mobclixs Technologies, the approach works best to avoid any break in the chain of work during the process of change.


By Satyam Nagwekar

Mobclixs Technologies is a value-added-services (VAS) content company spearheaded by Dushyant Jani. The company’s core business is content development for telecommunications companies across India and is garnering business in the Middle East as well as the South West Asian market. The digital entertainment company has grown quickly in the space with its gaming, music and Bollywood content offerings. Mobclixs has partnered leading telecom operators to ensure seamless content delivery to consumers. In an interaction with Digital Studio, Jani, the company’s founder and CEO, spoke about Mobclixs’ technology initiatives and upgrades.

Tell us about your company’s perspective on technology upgrades.
Our company believes in timely adaptation of technology. This gives us an edge in today’s highly competitive environment. It helps us to ensure customer satisfaction and keep up the enthusiasm of our workforce. Furthermore, it helps us to secure institutional and customer data.

What steps have you undertaken to guard against technological obsolescence?
To avoid technological obsolescence, we usually keep an eye on emerging technological trends, its benefits, its market penetration, and the cost-benefit analysis. A smooth transition from outgoing technology to emerging technology requires training and skilled manpower. This comes with substantial infrastructure cost. We encourage our architecture teams to get an insight on emerging technology and evaluate its utility to the company’s products and services; its benefits vis-à-vis the technology already in use. The team has been given special training on emerging technology by field experts. We usually adapt to new technology in a phased manner to avoid any break in the chain of work during the process of change. The project was undertaken with the use of cloud technologies and infrastructure; utilisation of Big Data for ready data and content, and analysing the same in relevant time periods. The transformation took close to a year. We continuously focus and work towards improvement.

What was the groundwork that went in before starting the project?
We were in expansion mode and were in the process of going live in international markets. More expansion led to an increase in terms of high volume, load on server, and friendly user interface. Thus, we have moved from a data center to the cloud. We have further added aspects of load balancer to ensure smooth functioning of the server and an automated MIS for quick tracking. The vendors involved in the project were Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud. We have had immense exposure but, have faced challenges of server capacity, integration understanding, and interface in our go-local concept. The constant increase in digital content has resulted due to the process of providing the right content to right users. Moreover, our employees received training as well as certification at the time of the technology implementation.

What were the reasons behind undertaking the project?
The capacity-expansion project was undertaken with an aim to respond to the current competition, respond to customers, expansion plans, and the direct link with profit. The project helped us in the form of efficiency, productivity, confident solutions, and made us better in terms of cost effectiveness. Yes, there are companies in the market who have undertaken similar projects. What sets us apart is the diversified and latest technology selection with upgraded and tested architecture, which is our key differentiator.

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