New Launch WASP3D XPRESS - Live Stream Graphic Overlays for Online Streaming Platforms

OTT, Streaming, 3D, Graphics, Video, HD


WASP3D XPRESS is a Live stream graphic overlay solution for video content producers & live streamers of YouTube Live, Facebook, Instagram & more; looking for an affordable real-time broadcast graphics solution to upgrade their content visually. It provides advanced tools to overlay tv like tickers/lower thirds, channel logo, live bug, location & time stamp etc. onto video content and deliver real-time graphics for an upgraded viewing experience and brand recall.

Produce & live stream your shows with premium 3D graphics.

Conduct Interviews by adding people from remote locations using zoom calls.

Live Stream business presentations, conferences & product launch in style with AR graphics.

Import complex 3D models from third party modelling tools for educational presentations.

Attract global audience’s attention to your club’s sporting event with HD graphics.

Enhance match coverage with live/Location bug, time stamp & club Logo along with match details.

Stream branded live concerts, events & conventions to reach a wider audience.

Use L-band advertising for sponsor advertisements. Record events to circulate via streaming platforms

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