Interviewing Hans Massart, market director – Broadcast, Newtec

Hans Massart, market director – Broadcast, Newtec, on what was new and trending at NAB Show 2019
Hans Massart, market director – Broadcast, Newtec
Hans Massart, market director – Broadcast, Newtec


How was the experience at this year’s NAB Show?
Overall, the experience was very good. There was a wide range of companies represented, and this reflects the change in the broadcast industry. A lot of demonstrations and interesting things to see and hear, including our SATCOM HUB.

What was different, as compared to its previous versions?
: We noted a complete transition from traditional broadcast to media and entertainment. Today broadcasting involves so much more, including IP, and this was really reflected this year.

What is the latest wave of technology doing the rounds of the media industry?
OTT is shaping the way in which people consume their content.They want flexibility, to be able to view content as and when they want to and on the device of their choice. This is shaping the way in which content is distributed, and OTT is definitely going to be a huge part of our future.

Which technologies did you see more of, at NAB Show 2019?
There’s no one-technology-fits- all in terms of media and broadcast. As we go into the future, we are going to see a mix of technologies that have different strengths combining to create the best means of transporting the content to the viewer. This will be achieved using a mixture of terrestrial and satellite technology to achieve the best results.

How do you, as a company, intend to keep pace with the ever-changing tech landscape?
Newtec will continue to innovate and watch the market extremely closely, so that we can stay in touch with its unique requirements. This market will continue to evolve and we intend to stay one step ahead by listening to our customers and developing the best solutions and technology that enablethem to deliver the very best experience.

Satellite and OTT use cases

Satellite and OTT use cases

Where do you see the industry heading in the next 2-3 years?
In the coming years, we expect to see much more emphasis on the Cloud, on changing ecosystems, hybrid networks and a much more consumer-centric approach to media and broadcast. The needs of the customer are becoming more complex and they are demanding more features and exceptional quality. Our job will be to exceed these expectations.

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