Interviewing Claudio Lisman, president and CEO, Primestream

Claudio Lisman, president and CEO, Primestream, points out at emerging trends that were witnessed at this year’s NAB Show
Claudio Lisman, president and CEO, Primestream
Claudio Lisman, president and CEO, Primestream


How was the experience at this year’s NAB Show?
This was a special show for us as we were celebrating our 20th anniversary and unveiling new branding and a customer focus initiative. Ultimately our focus is on having in-depth conversations with customers and prospects, and from that perspective it was an excellent show for us.

What was different, as compared to its previous versions?
There is a lot of change in the industry, with the broadcast industry and with the vendors who support them. This year saw continued change reflected in meetings we had with new companies and startups who are looking to grow their businesses in a changing landscape. We introduced a new easy to use yet powerful IP/4K application, new Adobe panels for Photoshop and After Effects, as well as workflow extension for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. Visitors also saw how Review Hub can streamline their content approval and collaboration workflow with our new SaaS-based review and approval platform.

Primestream FORK Xchange

Primestream FORK Xchange

What is the latest wave of technology doing the rounds of the media industry?
We had our own initiatives in these areas where we were able to demonstrate the live capture of growing files from bonded cellular and other sources, which could be transcoded into house formats and edited in real time. This was along with AI integration where we provided functionality and integration for a customer who needed to reduce weeks of workflow, down to hours or days.

Which technologies did you see more of, at NAB Show 2019?
We were so busy that it was hard for us to get out of our booth, but we did see and hear a lot of discussion around AI, and customers who were looking for complete solutions and not just parts of solutions. Our focus is to unlock the potential of assets with our new set of APIs integrated with Artificial Intelligence platforms for facial and object recognition, speech to text transcription, sentiment analysis, and more.

How do you, as a company, intend to keep pace with the ever-changing tech landscape?
We focus on listening to our customers and on solving their problems. As long as we are properly focussed, we will always have insight into the key technologies that they require. We are able to either develop or integrate with partners to deliver tightly integrated solutions that meet our customer’s needs.

Where do you see the industry heading in the next 2-3 years?
Customers are looking for flexibility, ease of use, and cost-effective solutions. This is all the result of a need to experiment with new revenue streams and new ways of working. I would expect the industry to reflect this through integration and consolidation of technology and partnerships

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