Veritone aiWARE enhancements accelerate adoption of AI

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Veritone has announced that aiWARE 2.0, enhancing the world's first operating system for artificial intelligence (AI). aiWARE 2.0 boasts of a real-time processing framework, expanded cognitive capabilities, new electronic document support, structured and unstructured data support, and advanced customization options, as well as multiple industry-specific turnkey applications.

Users can easily implement, integrate, and use aiWARE with their existing IT infrastructure without the need for extensive machine learning expertise, both of which are among the greatest challenges for organizations in their pursuit of AI adoption, according to Gartner's 2019 CIO Survey1. With aiWARE's patent-pending approach to orchestrating an expanding ecosystem of cognitive engines through a single platform architecture, users have the ability to easily access more than 320 AI engines, including Veritone's proprietary engines, engines from cloud infrastructure providers, curated niche engines, and more to enable transformation of audio, video, and other data sources with greater breadth, depth, and accuracy than single-AI-engine solutions. Users can leverage Veritone's suite of applications, or quickly and easily create their own applications, to leverage aiWARE to drive business processes and insights.

"By empowering organisations to deploy AI solutions quickly and without extensive machine learning expertise, Veritone is charting the course to democratise AI. Our approach to a centralised AI ecosystem, easily accessible through a common platform architecture, is transforming how organizations deploy AI," said Chad Steelberg, co-founder and CEO of Veritone. 

aiWARE 2.0 Enhancements:

  • Real-Time Eventing Framework: aiWARE's real-time eventing framework  supports Veritone's range of cognitive capabilities, enabling the platform to support use cases that require real-time data insight extraction or cognitive workflows. Unlocking results within a few seconds, users can accelerate decision-making and streamline workflows to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations while reducing costs.
  • Structured Data and Electronic Documents: aiWARE enables organisations to leverage  structured and unstructured data to generate insights from complex analyses. Through aiWARE 2.0's expanded support for different data types and formats, such as Word and PDF files, customers can leverage. Veritone Attribute leverages this structured data capability to ingest and analyse an advertiser's website traffic performance measured by Google Analytics, and correlate that data with live audio and video broadcast streams to create powerful attribution models.
  • New Veritone Cognitive Engines: aiWARE 2.0 features Veritone's proprietary, state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and toolkits that allow users to create customised engines across multiple cognitive capabilities, including face recognition, object detection, content classification, image classification, and more.
  • Expanded Cognitive Capabilities: The unique Veritone ecosystem has grown rapidly year over year and today includes more than 320 engines across several new cognitive capabilities, such as speaker separation, with more capabilities and engines being continuously added.
  • Extensibility: New self-service tools in aiWARE 2.0 make it easy for enterprises to leverage Veritone's configurable platform architecture to create solutions customised to their business challenges. 

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