InSync Technology introduces FrameFormer for Adobe Premiere Pro Mac users

InSync's FrameFormer  frame rate converter  plug-in or Adobe Premiere Pro Mac users
InSync's FrameFormer frame rate converter plug-in or Adobe Premiere Pro Mac users


InSync Technology has announced that the company's FrameFormer motion compensated frame rate converter will be available as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro Mac users. Simplifying and accelerating deployment through automated settings, FrameFormer provides conversion for all types of content from sub-QCIF up to 8K and beyond.

"Frame rate conversion is an essential requirement for monetising content domestically and internationally, as well as for integrating mixed frame rate footage into a production," said Paola Hobson, MD, InSync Technology. The plug-in complements InSync's popular plug-ins for Final Cut Pro (Mac) and Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows), conveniently meeting any frame rate and format conversion requirements. Integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro, the plug-in offers a simple user interface that allows users to select the required conversion and to preview in-progress results via on-screen thumbnails.

"In repurposing different frame rate material for integration into your media projects, attention to detail makes all the difference," added Hobson. "Picture quality must be preserved at every step because even the smallest error introduced early in the process will propagate, resulting in highly visible defects down the line. Our family of FrameFormer plug-ins gives Adobe Premiere Pro users working on both: Mac and Windows systems, confidence in the results of their frame rate conversion processes."

FrameFormer provides conversions for content up to HD resolution with presets for common conversions, and in a professional edition that provides conversions for content up to UHD and beyond with flexible custom controls.

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