Raygun Creative builds its media foundation around EditShare

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EditShare has announced that Raygun, of Ireland, has centered its creative media workflow around EditShare Flow media asset management, EFS shared storage, and archiving solutions. To manage the growing complexity of working with 4K media files, Raygun architected a media foundation that featured several EditShare XStream EFS single node shared storage systems, ARK tape library, and Flow media asset management. Offering a centralised content repository with tools to collaborate, manage and automate the content lifecycle from the moment it arrives in post to the tape archives, the EditShare workflow connects the facility’s creative rooms. These include Avid and Premiere edit suites, DaVinci Resolve colour grading suite, Autodesk Flame finishing suite, and Avid ProTools sound studios.

Raygun’s co-founder, Jess Felton, commented, “We identified EditShare's EFS Scale-Out storage nodes as an affordable fit for Raygun, initially setting-up a 2-node system, with a plan to bolt on extra nodes as our workload grows.” The EditShare single-node Xstream EFS enables emerging studios to migrate their workflow into a modern scale-out environment that can expand by adding a node, supporting business growth without sacrificing performance or reliability.

“The beauty of an XStream EFS–based installation is that it can be configured with additional capability such as high-availability metadata servers, dedicated Flow and Ark servers, workflow automation, QC solutions along with nearline disk and offline tape libraries, to create a dynamic workflow infrastructure that adapts to the facility’s needs,” stated Tara Montford, MD, EditShare. 
Presented as a single namespace, XStream EFS eliminates administrative tasks such as balancing project workloads on multiple raids, volumes or file systems. Completing the storage infrastructure, EditShare Ark integrates with XStream EFS, providing a tiered storage flow that keeps archival content searchable and easily retrievable.

Raygun plans to expand the media asset management configuration to include the web-based airflow for remote workflows. It will allow remote collaboration and secure delivery of dailies/rushes from anywhere in the world.”

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