VideoClarity to launch new Color Transfer Function in ClearView

Ahead of IBC2016, Video Clarity will launch a new colour transfer function in the ClearView line of video quality analyzers. ClearView can apply Rec. 2020 appropriately to the different colour formats and colour conversion techniques being considered for high dynamic range (HDR) content today.

In this way, content providers, broadcasters, and encoder manufacturers can compare the quality of HDR source content against its downstream encoded version no matter which colour space or conversion technique is applied.

Another colour format under consideration is ICtCp, a potential replacement for the YCbCr colour space that could provide better encoding performance downstream when working with compression schemes such as HEVC. Facilities can use ClearView to ingest video, record it in either YCbCr or ICtCp, and compare it to encoded versions in either YCbCr or ICtCp for significant changes in quality. Users can activate the color transfer capabilities in ClearView and select among different color formats with simple button presses.

With these colour transfer capabilities, which follow SMPTE ST 2084 and ITU-Rec. BT.2100, the ClearView system is taking another step toward accommodating every aspect of the wider color gamut in use with HDR content. The ICtCp addition will be available at IBC2016 in September.

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