Verizon,sony driveott plans,services to start in us


Viacom is to launch its own MTV-branded music and video streaming apps. MTV Play is a VOD service that will feature many of MTV’s most popular shows, while MTV Trax is a music streaming app designed for casual music consumers who can be put off by more expensive ‘all you can eat’ services.

With two very different strategies in place, both Verizon and Sony have released new details on their planned over-the-top video services slated to launch shortly in the US. Verizon announced last month that its OTT offering will include channels for AwesomenessTV and DreamWorksTV, featuring more than 200 hours of original programming. At about the same time, Sony Corp.of America said that it will launch its new PlayStation Vue service in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia this month, followed by a national rollout later this year. Verizon has indicated in the past that it doesn’t intend to replicate cable TV in an OTT service, and the company’s latest content deals back up that assertion.

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