Tedial to showcase Version Factory and Evolution BPM at IBC 2016

Tedial, a MAM technology solutions provider, will showcase its media factory workflow and Evolution BPM, Version Factory, at IBC 2016. Version Factory won the IABM Game Changer Award 2016 in the System Automation & Control category at the NAB show in Las Vegas earlier this year. This is the second year running that Tedial has won the Game Changer award picking up the prize in 2015 for its Tedial Evolution platform. Both solutions will be demonstrated at IBC 2016.

“This year we are very proud to celebrate 15 years of technology innovation,” said Esther Mesas, Tedial’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Tedial. “Our company’s multi-site media management with business-driven workflow enables end-to-end integration providing the true benefits of the media factory ideal. Tedial is one of the few systems to deliver on this promise.”

Based on 15 years of innovation, Tedial’s Version Factory claims to be the world’s first true media factory workflow that supports millions of file input to output configurations and can be managed from a single operator screen. Designed to interface to content management/rights management/traffic/work order systems for automated operations, the solution stacks chosen media engines (transcoders, quality control, DRM, CDN, etc.), employs SMPTE standardized designs for future proof “N-input to N-output” operations and provides the maximum flexibility and scalability for OTT/VOD Platforms, Network Operations and media companies focused on managing their Brand across all distribution formats.

Recognizing the need for a media-centric truly scalable workflow engine, Tedial’s Evolution Business Process Management (BPMN 2.0 compliant) Workflow engine claims to drive media management to a new level by presenting a suite of scalable and flexible Media IT software modules that automate the preparation, movement and distribution of media internally and externally. Tedial’s strong research and development and support structure means that the company is always two years ahead of the market. This cycle enables customers to increase their business efficiency with the most advanced technologies and allows a continuous evolution of software solutions to adapt to future customer needs.

“At Tedial we believe in business innovation, transformation and efficiency. And we believe our people are delivering the solutions our customers need to be successful and profitable,” added Mesas.

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