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In the HITS system, signals of various channels are received at the centralised HITS uplinking facility, which are decoded using PIRDs.
These signals then leave the IRDs as a digital compressed data stream. Each digitally compressed channel is later encrypted. highlight
Several such channel streams are multiplexed and uplinked to a single satellite transponder in C-band frequency and bounced back to earth.
highlight1The receiving system in the HITS platform consists of a dish farm to receive the various channels that form the package for the HITS platform.
Apart from the dish antenna, the sub-system includes the antenna drive and control units for the steerable antenna, LNBs followed by active splitters to feed a multitude of PIRD provided by the broadcasters.
Each LNB output received by MSOs and LCOs is routed to a transmodulator, which processes multiple transport streams.highlight2
Cable operators now use one or two trans-modulators per transponder for further retransmission through cable to individual subscribers with set-top boxes.

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