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StarTimes invests in IP streaming platform with PlayBox Neo

PlayBox Technology announced the completion of a new television playout system at the Beijing headquarters of StarTimes. The system comprises of twelve redundant AirBox Neo IP streaming channels in a 6 + 6 dual channel configuration, to provide 1:1 backup protection.

Core equipment in this new installation consists of SafeBox Neo software which replicates the content and playlists to local playout server folders, prior to transmission. Each server outputs to a DVB encoder and hence to the main transmission feeds.  QCBox Neo analyses the relevant media files in a playlist, and checks for correct duration of streams, continuity, frozen and black frames, audio tests, loudness, phase and audio levels measurements. Test results are stored in a metadata file that accompanies the media file prior to programme playout.

The playout can be configured to skip the file, show a warning before playing the file, or play the file depending on the data parameters. In addition, the loudness measurement data from QCBox Neo can be used for automatic adjustment of the audio playback levels. Two PlayBox Neo DVB servers enable multi-language DVB subtitling, integrated with AirBox Neo output streams.

It supports UHD, HD and SD. Features include a streaming input, supporting HTTP, HTTP Secure, UDP, RTMP, MMS, MMSH and YouTube. RTMP streaming output allows easy web streaming.

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