Square Box Systems introduces CatDV Worker 7

Square Box Systems introduced Worker 7, a workflow automation solution for CatDV deployments that now supports Linux environments and can be easily deployed on OS X and Windows platforms.

Dave Clack, CEO of Square Box Systems said, “The enhancements in Worker 7 make it a true enterprise-scale solution, suitable for on-premise, cloud, data center, or hybrid environments. Operations are able to save time, money, and stress by automating previously error-prone and costly processes.”

CatDV Worker is a general-purpose automation engine that enables users to build customized workflows and automate file processing within CatDV. Worker is highly configurable, with the ability to automate functions such as content ingest, proxy creation, transcoding (including control of external transcoders), content movement and archiving, and file renaming.

As such, users can use it as a tool to streamline a wide variety of media workflow logistics tasks. A few examples include copying content securely from camera cards to a SAN or NAS, ingesting assets into CatDV, sending emails to a logger to log content, performing transcoding to create a Web proxy, and archiving to partner LTO solutions.

With Worker 7, Square Box Systems has added a Linux version for enhanced support of cloud and virtualized deployments. In addition, Worker 7 is able to run as a service on Mac and Windows platforms, further streamlining managed IT environments. The new release updates CatDV’s capabilities with features such as the ability to verify file copies bit by bit (in addition to calculating MD5 checksums), the ability to transcode mixed format sequences, and improved camera card support.

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