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SAM showcases support for 12G-SDI products

At BroadcastAsia 2017, Snell Advanced Media (SAM) demonstrated 4K and 12G-SDI support across a range of products including its Kula and Kahuna production switcher range. Kula (available as 1, 2 and 3 M/E versions) easily handles multiple formats making it both future-proof and adaptable for today’s production environment. Supporting higher resolutions, a 12G-SDI mainframe is now available for the Kula switcher. Kahuna remains SAM’s flagship medium to large production switcher for multi-format operations, supporting any combination of SD, HD, 1080p (level A & B), 12G-SDI and Quad SDI for UHD signals, eliminating the need for external conversion.
At BroadcastAsia, the company displayed the 700, 200 and 30 versions of the Vega suite of routers that are ideal for small to mid-sized applications. The Vega 30 router is ideal for small fixed applications, such as small outside broadcast trucks and studios. It combines powerful video and audio routing capability in a 3RU mainframe with built-in signal processing. Simple configuration and set up and clean and quiet switching options makes the Vega 30 ideal for applications where smooth transitions, de-embedding and embedding and full MADI audio routing are key.
SAM also demonstrated its LiveTouch system, which it claims is the world’s fastest editing, replay and highlights production workflow. It combines immediate replay of live events with no-copy editing in post production. It is also tightly integrated with SAM editors, enabling instant collaboration between replay and production.

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