Rohde & Shwarz reinforces position in TV space

Leading wireless communications and test and measurements company Rohde & Schwarz last month consolidated its broadcast business by moving towards system solutions.

With this development, the company will be able to offer allied services such as content creation, multi-viewing and monitoring; head end for encoding and multiplexing; broadcast network infrastructure and monitoring and consumer electronics testing. The company until now has held strong footprint for high power TV and FM transmitters and transmission quality measurement. “World over, analog terrestrial transmission is continued for sound and not completely stopped for TV. It means the terrestrial transmitters from R&S for TV and FM are still on the high success path. We are carefully listening to the change in the air,” said Yatish Mohan, MD, Rohde & Shwarz India while adding that Rohde &Shwarz India is prepared for this and has launched digital transmitters for TV and sound transmission. R&S digital TV transmitters are ready to meet various transmission standards worldwide, including DVBT/T2 in India. The company is also preparing to meet the requirements of the third phase of FM privatisation.

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